Art struggles

Yesterday on Tumblr I posted this image, along with an explanation of where I'm at with creative energy.

I’ve really been struggling with creative energy over this break. At Hampshire I could spend hours working on a painting. Now it takes hours to come up with something other than scribbling gradients and lines, and even when I come up with an idea I’m excited about (like this) I lose steam. I meant for this to be a study on complicated lighting, with variously reflective surfaces and internal and external light sources. Instead I got most of the flats done and gave up.

The other day I reconnected with an old friend, who gave me a bunch of art tips and some links to some cool new software. 

2015-12-28 blog post.jpg

I drew this using Lazy Nezumi, a program that stabilizes brush strokes, after working for several hours and producing nothing other than a sketch of a head I'm unhappy with.

There's a tangible contrast between the amount of energy I had to keep working at Hampshire versus how much I have here. It's awful. I go whole days here without doing anything of substance.