Jessica Jones is great

I may have binged the new Netflix series "Jessica Jones" this weekend. It's very good. Heads up if you're thinking of watching it: It has basically all of the triggers. If you have PTSD or are otherwise sensitive to any kind of violence, look into that before you pick it up.

Hereafter is spoilerish territory.

I thought it was really interesting how they had moral ambiguity play out in this series, versus in Daredevil. Because Jessica is a way darker character than Matt Murdock, but Murdock's approach still plays out as a lot more ambiguous than Jessica's, because the villain of Jessica Jones, Kilgrave, is so, so much more obviously, vividly evil. Like, Fisk's villainy is a morally horrific approach to political achievement. Kilgrave's villainy is a morally horrific approach to getting whatever he wants with the smallest possible degree of effort.

Idk if I'm going to have more thoughts on this to share later (I should really go through my blog some time for all those posts I ended with "more later" and expand on some) but Jessica Jones definitely gave me a ton to think about, and I am sure I'll end up watching it again.