I'm bad at scale

I spent, like, probably 10 hours this weekend working on a cityscape picture. It's still not even close to done, but I think I may have to start from scratch -- or, more like flatten the whole thing and start tracing it so I can make major, fundamental adjustments.

The problem is, I drew a whole bunch of buildings, and I also drew an entrance to an underground area. Then, I started adding detail to the buildings: doors, windows, etc. And I immediately realized that, based on that scale, the small metal roof covering the stairs leading down was actually about three stories tall, and the staircase had steps that were about 2 feet each.

It was an extremely frustrating realization. I sketched out a more appropriate scale, but it's going to require a huge amount of working backwards if I'm going to fix it in the version of the image I'm working on now. 

I'm on a waitlist for a drawing class next semester -- I really hope I learn some new things about not fucking up scale so often.