Torque and rapidograph pens

There are a ton of things I don't know. I mean, not that that should surprise anybody, but some days it feels like I've got a pretty good baseline in most things, and some days I feel like I've walked into a wall of shit-I've-got-no-clue-about.

Today in my Appropriate Technology in the World class, I ran into one of those walls in engineering. 

Engineering is a category of learning I've sort of passively-actively avoided learning anything about for most of my life. It kind of proactively doesn't interest me. Or, didn't. I feel like I've mostly gotten over that now, but that still leaves me in a position where, unlike most other things I attempt, I don't have a decade or so of soaked up bits of trivia that I can quickly lattice together into a basic understanding of what I'm doing.

I don't know what torque is. I know it's a force involved in gear boxes, and has something to do with rotation, but beyond that? No clue. And it's really important that I understand torque by Thursday.

I also found out today about rapidograph pens -- a type of drafting pen that used to be very popular before computer drafting was a thing. They produce incredibly even and precise lines, and the nicer ones actually have sapphire tips so that they write without wearing down on very hard materials.

The latter is interesting to me because it's a curiosity in a category of my interest -- pens -- that I probably wouldn't have ever run into if I weren't in a class that put me in a position to explore engineering.

I feel like I'm rambling a bit. I'm going to go to sleep now, and in the morning I'm going to google torque. I promise.