Hampedia: Hampshire's wiki

My college has a wiki! It's pretty cool. It's also not super maintained, though: most of the pages I've seen are pretty out of date.

I've tried to get into Wikipedia, as in editing, but it's pretty intimidating. There are a lot of people there who seem to have a much better idea of what they're doing. But a local wiki feels much more accessible to me: notoriety has a much lower bar, if it exists as a requirement at all; I have direct access to the sources for a lot of the information (like, I filled out the QCA Game Night page today while at QCA Game Night and talking to the person who runs it); and I know way more of the stuff in the first place.

Also, a wiki is such an amazing format for gathering information at a college. In a system based entirely on citations (the internet/hypertext) it's probably the thing most based on citations.

I'm hoping to be able to get involved in revitalizing the wiki this semester. I will update on that if/when I get to do it.