Now available to do work and stuff

You know what's weird? Having professional skills. You know what's even weirder? Asking people to pay you to use them.

I just put a "Hire me" link at the top of my blog, because for the first time in my life the name I use here is the same name I use when talking to people in a professional setting. I'm available to do work in pretty much every category that falls in the overlap between "I can do this pretty professionally" and "I don't hate doing this in my free time." That includes copy writing, proofreading, copy editing, illustration, video editing, audio editing, and typesetting. 

I also put a huge explanation at the bottom of why I set the prices the way I did, if you're curious about how I worked that stuff out. And there's an explanation of why authors seeking traditional publication might not want to hire me. And why people submitting to Solarpunk Press definitely shouldn't hire me to edit their submission before sending it. (I spent more time explaining why certain people shouldn't hire me than I did explaining what I can do for them, I think. I might not be awesome at this self-marketing thing.)