Listing things that are important to me

I went to a dinner party for my Aesthetics of Social Engagement class today, where among other things we discussed what issues are of pressing importance to us. We were supposed to have a top 5. That, it turns out, is hard to come up with.

Here's what my list was by the end of the conversation:


White is stuff I brought up. Blue is stuff I thought of after it was my turn to list things. The top is doodles.

It was a really interesting conversation that went to a lot of thought provoking places. And we weren't really trying to get anywhere in particular: it was the start of what will be a continuous dialogue for the rest of the semester.

Still -- and this is kind of a permanent state, since I don't have the capacity to totally solve any of these problems -- I came away from the conversation with a strong feeling of incompleteness.

When we get to the part where we talk about what we actually want to do as an art project connected to these ideas, I plan to bring up this sense of incompleteness. I think it'd be interesting to try and create art that evokes that feeling, and forces people to confront it.