Hire me link: coming soon maybe

For the first time in my life, since I've gotten to Hampshire, basically all my interactions have taken place using the name "T.X. Watson." This is incredibly comforting: it's much easier to get along with things like building a community and a future career when I can connect the work I'm doing now to the name I intend to be using in my adult life.

That's not the only reason it's comforting, but it's the one most relevant to the reason I started writing this page: I'm thinking about adding a "Hire me" page to my website. Now that I have work that's connected to my name here, I can link to examples of stuff I've done, and now that people I meet who might have some motivation to hire me are meeting me in the context of this name, it makes more sense to make that available.

I own a URL with the name I'm usually employed under, but it's been defunct for a while. There used to be a "Hire me" link there, but it was pretty pointless. 

Asking for work still feels weird, though. Idk.