Thoughts on the Democratic Debates (I like Hillary a little more now)

I just got around to watching the Democratic debate, and I noticed something that seems important, that I hadn't thought of before. 

Altogether I think the only two people on the stage who did a decent job were Hillary and Bernie. Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee both seemed way below the standard (Chafee because he seemed awkward and uncertain, Webb because he came off as -- er, I can't think of any word other than "murdery.") And Martin O'Malley was just completely forgettable. The only thing I remember about him was 100 percent clean energy by 2050, which is a great point to drive home, but by "Only thing I remember" I'm including his name. It took more than a couple links in the Google search to find it for this post, because the first couple articles about the debate don't even mention him.

But I noticed something about Hillary that changed the way I'll likely look at her through the rest of the campaign. She seemed like she was having fun. 

Everyone on the stage is probably pretty good at their jobs. And Bernie came across (as he always does) as fueled by an immense sense of passion. But, for the first time I've noticed (probably not the first time she's demonstrated it, but still), it was obvious that Hillary just loves doing politics.

I don't mean in a kind of machiavellian, evil way, but it just really seems like this is her passion. Her calling. You know how people always talk about the presidency wearing people down? I feel like that might not happen to her. And barring someone who's going to be able to stand up to a staunch set of beliefs I think that's a fantastic quality for a Democratic president to have. (Bernie's the only one I think could stand up for his beliefs in that way -- Chafee is the only other person I think has those kinds of beliefs, but talented and practiced politicians would probably run circles around him.)

Prior to this debate, I had every intention of voting for Bernie, and that hasn't changed in the slightest. And no matter who wins the nomination, I'm going to vote Democrat, because any of them would be better than any of the Republicans. (Electing a swarm of bees would be a better idea than electing any of this year's Republicans.) The only thing that's really changed, I guess, is now, if Hillary wins the primaries, when I vote for her in the general election, I'll feel good about it.