Lost objects, replacement and recovery

My week has been drastically complicated by the fact that I left my keys with my car at home, where my car's power steering lines are being repaired. The reason this complicates things is that my ID card and dorm keys were on my keychain. My ID card lets me into many of the buildings on campus, and I had to have security come unlock my bedroom door. 

I was supposed to get a replacement OneCard today. I'm remembering as I write this that it's also possible to get a temporary, 24-hour replacement, which would have been a good idea, but I was told my permanent replacement would have been ready at 1 p.m. It wasn't. It isn't ready yet, as far as I know.

I'm going back home again this weekend, because my partner's going to visit someone so I can catch a ride. Ultimately, my replacement card is only going to be with me for a tiny sliver of time.

I'm pretty frustrated with these events, but not really at anyone in particular. I just wish my car hadn't broken.