Materializations of effort

The early access rewards for Solarpunk Press's Patreon supporters go out tomorrow -- this is the edge of the very long period of time in which I've been telling people I've been doing a cool thing, and it's about to be the time when I get to actually show people the cool thing. Granted, it's a limited pool of people who have access right now, but still: this is exciting.

Altogether, though, this was a really bad time to get sick. I didn't blog yesterday because by the time I got back to my room at the end of the night I collapsed onto my dorm room floor, arms wrapped around an empty bucket, for reasons.

I didn't go to my classes today, and broadly speaking I did take it easy. But I also had to do my part of the recordings for the podcast -- so, early listeners, sorry for the congested sound of the first episode's intro and outro. (The actual story sounds incredible; Faith and Nicole did an amazing job and I couldn't be prouder to be starting out Solarpunk Press with such a great story, so well performed.) There's a chance I'll re-record before the free and open release on Monday and swap out my crummy recordings for some good ones.