I am more than usually upset today that the United States government does not have a basic income, well-organized subsidized housing, minimum wage that keeps up with the living wage, or really any institutionally established notion that the responsibility of a government is to act in the interests of the citizens it governs. Actually, I'm more than usually upset about a lot of things today -- my car, my personal life, the English language, surprisingly not the new layout of the Tumblr dashboard, but I think that's just because I've run all out of pissed off before I can even get to that. Mainly I'm pissed off because I am feeling very unwell, and I think I probably have the flu. (I've been wanting to joke about it being ebola all day but I haven't been around anyone who (a.) would definitely not think that was actually a credible fear, and (b.) definitely wouldn't see it as an opportunity to make racist jokes about Africa.)

There's a lot that's not going well for me right now, and I've been wanting all day to ask someone for advice, for what I can do to make things better. But I can't, because it would be pointless, because the reality is that I know all the things I can do to make things better, and I'm doing them, but they're pretty much all more likely than not to fail, and a fair number of them are likely to cause actual setbacks instead of just zero gain as failure conditions.

Being sick makes me feel extremely hopeless. And lonely. And frustrated. And, apparently, causes muscle pain.