google keep story notes

It still hasn't been quite two months since I promised not to write a non-post for at least two months. It's been a busy, stressful, complicated week that involved a huge number of things that I don't currently want to publish on the internet. I scrolled through my Google Keep files looking for a topic, and I found two posts in the color I use for fiction ideas.

One of them says

Promises, broken and unkept

The other says,

Riddle magic

Whale fire

The first one, I just had a mental image for. A little shop that sells broken and unkept promises. They'd be little symbolic objects vested with 'pataphysical meaning. A ribbon with a pin in it, a cracked circular mirror, a pair of clock hands, stuff like that.

Riddle magic is a plot device idea that I'm still excited about, and I'm sure I'm going to use it in a story eventually. It's magic that's cast by reading someone a riddle, then the spell that follows is based on the solution to it, but the target of the spell can break it by solving the riddle.

I'm not actually much good at writing riddles, although I think I could probably get better at it, but, like, if the answer were 'water,' the room might start flooding, and the target of the spell would have the advantage of the really blatant hint about the subject, but also the disadvantage about being literally about to drown and so presumably panicking and distracted.

Whale fire was an idea for flashback chunks of my magic setting -- from when people were still using whale oil for lamps. I don't know anything about how that industry worked, but I like the idea of a kind of magic where there's something deeply embedded in the spell that's angry at, and hostile to, the people casting it. In this case, whales being pissed that they got murdered to be lamps.