Book binding!

I've got two portfolios to assemble this semester, both of which will be very large: one is my Div II retrospective, and the other is my Prose Poetry Workshop portfolio. The latter is much more comprehensive of the course material, so they may be similar in size.

They're also required to be bound. Now, technically, I've been told by both professors who'll be receiving these documents that a 3-ring binder will be adequate. Buuuutttt this is also a great excuse to practice book binding! So I'm going to be making hand-stitched hardcover books.

I'm excited to share pictures when I get to that part!

Everything I'm doing is a secret!

I have things I want to write about right now, extensively, but they're things that, if they pan out the way I want them to, I'll need to not be disclosing information about them all over the place for at least a little while. 

But they're the only things on my mind! And they aren't really secret. They're just not "Publish descriptions on the internet" public. If you know me in person and want to know, ask. I will talk about them for far longer than you probably want to hear.

Never could get the hang of Thursdays: T.X. Watson's vlog-shaped thing, episode 051

Now I've got to figure out whether I want to try and fit 3 episodes in a week so I can still end this series when I scheduled it.

Never could get the hang of Thursdays: T.X. Watson's vlog-shaped thing, episode 051:

I should explain.

Yesterday, I attempted to vlog. I had the camera on for about five minutes and I almost cried. So I didn't upload that one. (Not because I'm trying to hide the fact that I cry sometimes. It was because there was no content apart from that. I was almost crying because I couldn't think of anything to talk about and I had fucking zero spoons left at that point.)

After recovering a bit, I decided to try and do a speedpaint instead. I downloaded a new program for it, because the native Windows one stops recording and doesn't tell you. I went with the suggestion of a YouTube speed painter. 

So then I painted for two hours, with the recording causing a small but not unbearable amount of lag. And I went to edit the footage, and

I had a half-hour long flash video that contained a blank screen and the ambient audio of the room during the first half hour of the painting.

Today I had class then filming for Hamp Hack, tomorrow I have Hamp Hack, Hampedia, and QCAGN. I'm not going to make up that video.

Extreme procrastination

I just wrote 700 words about the nuances of solarpunk on Tumblr. Before that I spent about an hour trying to learn how to install and use Python, so that I could switch to a different kind of Markdown that supports nested footnotes. Why does nothing ever support nested footnotes. Proscriptivist engineering bullshit is why.

This is after I added, like, a paragraph? to my Div II retrospective. Maybe. Now I'm at 3 paragraphs. 

I have several important emails to write tonight, and programs to apply to, and readings to do.


I don't want to *say* I should get to pass Div II......

I'm opening my Division II retrospective with a quote from the first episode of my vlog: "I don't want to do this. I mean, I do, I really want to . . . But, right now, there are a lot of reasons I don't want to do this."

Talking about myself is hard, regardless of how constantly I do it. Particularly, this form, a retrospective, is weird and scary. The Div II retrospective is an account of my Div II, and my argument for why I should be allowed to pass Div II. And there's something really uncomfortable about the idea of writing something the point of which is saying "I deserve this achievement."

So, my strategy is to just be super meta about how weird it is, then dial that back as necessary in later drafts.


Gouache on watercolor paper, 2017-03-27

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My best Bob Ross impression. Gouache on watercolor paper. 2017-03-27

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Did I mention I have an instagram now? (I mean, I've had it for years, but I just turned off Private mode and started using it again like a week ago.)

I got new paint this week, a set of tubes of gouache, and also I finally got around to googling gouache: it's basically super-pigmented watercolor that can work as an opaque paint. 

I've been super excited to play with it. I particularly love the hot air balloon picture, above.